On The Program

THE PROGRAM.  Sounds so official and intimidating, doesn’t it?  It also sounds like it would be complicated and full of rules.  Lot’s of work.  Hard to follow.


The truth is, ‘The Program’ I have been following for the past 12 months is none of those things.  It’s easy to follow, direct in instruction, flexible and adaptable.  All the things I needed in my life when I was feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

I’ve lost 50 pounds by doing at home workouts via an app, using minimal equipment, eating my daily portions of the essential food groups and drinking a protein shake that packs a punch of dense nutrition.  All thanks to Beachbody.

Here’s the funny thing.  I’ve known about Beachbody for years.  I had bought a few of their workout programs years ago and even had a number of friends who drank ‘the shake’ (Shakeology) in the past.  The thing of it was that I just thought it was about a shake or a workout program.  It wasn’t until I was invited to join a challenge group that I learned Beachbody is about so much more.

After my first workout

Beachbody is in the business of changing lives.  Getting people healthy.  Building communities of accountability partners and coaches.  So much more than a shake or a workout.  I think I had such a misconception because my exposure to Beachbody historically was just about a shake or just about a workout, but not about how the two work together and amount to even more when you have an accountability group.

So, when I started this ‘program’ I was, admittedly, a little skeptical.  I thought a shake can’t help that much, it probably tastes like crap, I’m not going to like it.  Despite my skepticism, I was willing to try it.  Why?  Because it came with a 30 day money back guarantee.  The program I was trying was a three week program, so that was perfect.  Enough time to realize it was garbage and just another marketing ploy….and I could get my money back.

If I’m being honest, I wanted it to fail as much as I wanted it to work.  If it failed, money back, no hard work required, I’d be off the hook.  IF it worked.  IF it helped me feel more energized and have less cravings…IF it could help me get through my days and back into my clothes…I had a feeling I would be a changed woman.  I just wasn’t sure if I was ready to be that person.  BUT….I knew I needed to give it a fair shot.

My first meal prep…look how pretty. Ha!

In addition to the workout program, eating plan (meal plan and shopping list included), and the shake, I had a Coach.  Someone who committed to holding me accountable.  She text me every morning to make sure I was awake…encouraged me and commiserated with me.  But she didn’t let me quit and she held me accountable.  She helped me through the hard days and talked me through some of the struggles I experienced in the early days.  This accountability….THIS is what got me through.  THIS is what helped keep me going.

I plan to write much more about what I’ve learned over the past twelve months and how my life has changed.  If nothing more, as a way for me to remember how far I’ve come.  But the biggest and first lesson I learned was I WAS WORTH IT.  I was worth the investment.  I was worth the time.  I was worth the effort.


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