On Beginning

img_0893So, I made a choice.  I decided to join a fitness challenge group that would follow a meal plan and exercise program for three weeks.  It wasn’t enough that I made the commitment, I convinced my best friend and my sister to do it with me.  This is the first step to getting healthy.

Surround yourself with an accountability group.

I knew I couldn’t be successful at this challenge group without some accountability.  In the past I felt like I had tried to have an accountability partner, but honestly, I wasn’t picking the right partner.  This time, I had my ‘coach’, my bestie and my sister.  I COULD NOT FAIL.  Next….

Make a plan.

I also knew that I needed to have a plan in place.  Fail to plan, plan to fail is how the saying goes, right?  I went all out…grocery shop, meal prep, new planner, new shoes.  I did everything to ensure I would be successful.  After that…

Commit to the plan.

Committing to the plan meant going to bed early and getting 7 hours of sleep every night so I could wake up at 5am.  This also meant no late night TV or snacks, no sleeping in, sticking to my meal plan, drinking half my body weight in ounces of water, eating the right food and helping others be accountable.

I feel like these were the realizations and commitments I made to myself right away because I knew that if I honestly wanted to make a change I would need to challenge myself and do something I have never done before.  That meant becoming a morning work out person, eating only the food I had prepped, going to bed by 10pm every night and adopting a new level of self discipline.

In addition to the above….I WROTE IT ALL DOWN.  I wrote down what work out I was doing each day for the entire program.  That way I had no excuse to get confused or forgetful, it was right in front of me.  I also wrote down all my food and tracked my water and coffee intake.  I also adopted the following mindset…

It’s only for three weeks.

Now, I knew I needed to follow this lifestyle for more than three weeks, but I didn’t want to think about the LONG TERM PLAN.  My plan was a three week plan….three weeks.  That’s all I focused on.  At the end of three weeks I was feeling stronger and had more energy, I knew I was going to continue working out and following a meal plan…but I literally had to tackle that three weeks at a time.

Three weeks turned into twelve months.  Before I knew it I was 12 months in and 45 lbs lighter.  Crazy, right?  I still tackle new goals on a shorter timeline…I know myself well enough to know if I get overwhelmed with a timeline, I will quit or struggle the entire time.  Going through this process and documenting my actions has been so helpful for me to ensure I stay on track and continue to hold myself accountable.


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